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Medical MassageJean M Reese, LMT

Jeanne M Reese, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jeanne has over 15 years of Medical Massage Experience. She works mainly with Trigger Point Technique, Myofasical Release, Deep Tissue, and Cranial Sacral. She is a focused, positive and happy person - working to improve your health and has worked with Dr. Ebert for over eight years. The combination of Chiropractic Manipulation and Medical Massage is very results driven.

Jean was raised in Kentucky. She has been athletic and fitness-driven all her life. Massage is the oldest medicine and she is grateful that she followed this path as a profession.

Almost all healthy people occasionally have some physical condition that can be improved by massage. When relief is obtained, there is also a renewed sense of well-being. No matter how well a patient may be, a good massage will leave that person feeling even better.