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Health Conditions

If you are a resident of Estero or the Bonita Springs area, chances are you will be looking for an Estero Chiropractor near you to address and help you with certain health conditions.

Dr. Vivian Ebert, an experienced chiropractor, has an office near you in the Estero – Bonita Springs area on Coconut Road by the Sweetbay Supermarket.

She has over 27 years of experience treating a variety of health conditions for local patients, and you will be able to discuss your health condition on a one-on-one basis with her and make an informed decision along with her recommendations about what is best for your health.

Here are some of the conditions she has treated over the years successfully for her patients:

  • Auto injuries

  • Headaches

  • Low back pain

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Golf injuries

  • Work injuries

Sometimes when you are playing sports or get a work injury or are involved in an auto accident, you do not feel the pain right away. You may be numb or in shock to a greater or lesser degree. After some time however, when your body starts to realize what actually happened and that you were injured, you will frequently experience pain or headaches or some other sensation that is not a correct healthy response for you.

So it's a good idea to call our office and come in and see us if you have any question or concern about how badly you injured yourself, when you have an accident or injury during your daily activities.

When you contact us and we can arrange an appointment to see you, it's better to do this earlier rather than later. Then we can find out exactly what is wrong and arrange some treatment for you. This way you will not suffer or be in pain nearly as much, and you will more than likely heal faster and be back on the road to recovery from your injuries quicker.

Give this call right away so you can come in and we can check out your injuries right away and get you back in shape the way you want as quickly as possible.

Of course you can always call us if you have any question about your health - even if you are not in pain. Because as we all know - sometimes there may be a problem with our health, even though we are not in pain.

So feel free to call us today! (239) 498-2225