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The Office

COVID-19 Alert, Accepting insurance, Medicare Welcome!

Covid Alert
LivingWell Chiropractic is taking extra precautions. We are stocked with medical grade cleaning supplies and we are being diligent than ever to maintain a healthy environment for our patients and staff. We want to offer our patients reassurance that we’re doing all we can to make them safe. We are wearing masks and face shields. Please wear your mask when in the office. If you forget, we have extra’s.

Most Insurance Accepted
We gladly accept most health insurance. Please have your insurance card with you when you come for your appointment. You can also call your Insurance company’s customer services and ask what your Chiropractic benefits are on your contract. Insurance contracts can be confusing and we are happy to help you. If you are self-pay, we have affordable rates and payment plans if needed.

Medicare Friendly
We gladly accept Medicare. There are many different Medicare products these days. There is Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage. This can be a little overwhelming at times. We are happy to help explain how your Medicare works with the Chiropractic Profession.