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Wellness Center

So this is the wellness center area on our website!

This is provided to you so that you can get valuable and practical information that you can use in your everyday lifestyle. It's our wish that you and others close you will avail yourselves of this information to improve the quality of your life.

We also include some things that you can do at home yourself in order to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. These would include such things as home exercises and stretches, different exercise programs, and ergonomics advice that will give you advice on how to sit, stand, and lie down during your daily activities.

For our women patients that are pregnant, there is a section about pregnancy and wellness. In our office, we treat many women before they have their baby. We also treat both the mother and child after the child is born. It's very important to treat mother and child both before and after the birth of the child. Both the mother and the child have an easier pregnancy and birth process because of the help we can give.

Many women tell us about how much easier the birth process is after they receive chiropractic care compared to when they did not received chiropractic care in the birth process. They state that without the chiropractic care, the birth process was so much more painful and longer for both them and the child. So if you are pregnant, do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with us so we can review your options.

You can also find some advice on posture because everyone always seems interested in how their posture looks – as in, how they appear to other people. They frequently ask, "How does my postural look?"

Again, feel free to browse over the articles in this section and call us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. (239) 498-2225.